Tate Modern


If you travel to London, chances are you walk past this hideous building. I am sorry that is just my honest opinion… But no matter how hideous the outside of the building might be, the inside is incredibly exciting! The reason why the outside is not really a work of art on its own, is because Tate Modern used to be a power station. The station was converted to a gallery in 1994, but the architects, Herzog and De Meuron, decided not to change to much to the exterior of the building. I can complain all I want about the outside of the building, it definitely will not stop me from entering the building. Today Tate Modern is the home of many famous masterpieces.

When you enter, you first come into an insanely large hall. Normally there you get to see the largest artwork in the entire museum. Personally I think it must feel quite overwhelming, since the hall is 200 meters (650ft) long. Unfortunately when I visited the museum, they were still setting up the piece.

Andy Warhol


Then you take the stairs – or the elevator, if you feel a bit lazy – to the first floor, home to paintings of Rothko, Picasso and Dali. These are just some examples, because obviously there is much more to see. And by that I mean not only art. If you go to the top floor, you will have an amazing panorama over London. On a beautiful day it looks like this:

View from the café on the top floor of Tate Modern

There is really no reason to not walk into Tate Modern. You do not have to pay an admission fee to enter and even if you are not the least interested in art, you can enjoy an amazing view on the top floor. Honestly even if you are not into art, could you just walk past a Picasso without given it a look? I mean, about what else are you going to brag on your next fancy Christmas party?

More art to see in Tate Modern, however these pieces are from temporary exhibitions. So they might not be around anymore, when you drop by.

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