2015 round up: drawings


The year is coming to its end and with that comes looking back. Looking back on almost everything I did this year. There is a lot I have done in 2015 that I am quite proud of. I studied in Italy. I got my bachelors degree. I started this blog! But obviously that is not what I am going to reflect on in this blogpost. This article will just show you - and actually show myself as well - what I have drawn over the past year. Not all of it - not that I draw that much - but still there must be some type of selection. So here are the drawings I liked the most.
I organized the drawings month by month. So ready for an overview?

If you watch Game Of Thrones, chances are you recognize these two. It is Ygritte telling Jon Snow that he knows nothing. Now I drew this in January and January traditionally is the time of exams in Belgium. So there might be a particular reason why I drew this specific line from the television series. You connect the dots...

February / March / April
In February the big move happened. I packed all my stuff and left for Italy to study there. Because in the beginning I had to figure everything out over there and get some - actually quite a lot of - documents signed. There really was no time left for me to draw. So for February, March and April there are no drawings...

In May however I decided to buy a new sketchbook. When I don't draw for a while, I always have a lot of ideas of stuff I really need to draw in my head. That is also what happened to me in May. After over three months of no drawing what so ever I made a deal with myself: I would buy a new sketchbook and sketch all of my ideas in it. Just to empty my head.

You can tell I was just motivating myself in May. Exams were coming and I just did not see myself pass them - to be honest, I never see myself pass them. But especially since all my subjects were in Italian, I was extremely stressed out. So what better way than drawing the stress away?


More "motivation art" in June happened. You can see how in May I tried to motivate myself by saying: don't-worry-be-happy-art and in June I just skipped to the: Just-have-a-glass-of-wine-and-stop-whining-art. It did work, the results of my exams were good. So never let anybody tell you that wine is not the solution.
Not that I want to encourage to become an alcolic!

These two drawings clearly have a theme going on: light blue background. Nonetheless I am quiet proud I made them. It is always hard to pick up a pencil, after you have not drawn for months. You can ease back into it with sketching an easy bottle of wine, but drawing is only fun if you can challenge yourself, so that is what I did. Kind of... I am especially proud of the last drawing. I like the colors, the pose, ... the pun! And with July my holidays started, which means I had more time to draw and, in particular, to improve my skills.


August and July are generally the months I am the happiest. Because I am done with exams and Uni in general. Because summer is picking up and the temperature is rising. But mostly because I just get to draw the entire day. I probably should do some sort of student job during the holidays. Anyway that is what my parents whisper in my ear. But I am not one to care about money. I am one to care about happiness and what makes me truely happy is art. So why do something else?
You can also see that the more educational motivation is back. But that does not mean I can't enjoy my glass of wine anymore.

September then. September is my last month of holidays, which means: drawing everything that is still in my head. That never works out. I just get to easily distracted by other stuff. But still, after my three months holiday my head feels a lot lighter and my ideas a lot less interesting.

September is also the month that I started my blog, which means I really got into writing. With that comes that a lot of my drawings are in function of my blog - or maybe it are the blogposts that are in function of the drawings? It is up to you to decide that.


October, the month I followed my cat around for an entire day. Clearly I must find a hobby... On the other hand, my cat really enjoys the attention. I think she sometimes assumes she is a god. Not sometimes. All the time.

In December the only thing I can think of are the exams that are right around the corner. I started this post with talking about how little I can draw because of exams and I will end on the same note. I am one of those persons who is easily stressed. I am also one of those persons that will eat you alive, if you feel like asking how I am doing during holidays season.
Anyway, it does not matter how little time I have, how stressed out I am or how many people I ate, I always make time to draw a christmass card. Just because it is a nice personal touch and because maybe... just maybe... it will relax me a bit more. Maybe it might even mean I eat one person less.

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