Actually wine is my cup of tea


Because of all the wine related stuff I have posted in the past, I get the feeling I am starting to look like an alcoholic. I swear I am not - she typed while having a sip from the glass of wine standing next to her computer... *sigh*

Anyway, this post is not about my non-existing addictions... It is about the strange obsession of English people with tea. I have already written an article about an English expression, kettles and fish. Well apparently there are more tea related expressions:

  • "Not my cup of tea" : something you are not good at/do not enjoy
  • "All the tea in China" : something of great value, almost priceless
  • "Not for all the tea in China" : not at any price
  • "A storm in a tea kettle" : being furious about something that is not so important
So speaking of addictions, I guess we now know the one of the Brits...

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